Thursday, September 17, 2015

Leadership Quote of the Week

This is one of my favorite pictures, because it harkens back to my childhood. My Grandparent's house was in a small town named Chatham in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where every weekend a local band would play music from the gazebo while people relaxed on the green grass. It was called "Band Time in Chatham," and always included a trip to a candy store with homemade fudge or maybe an ice cream cone, glow sticks, balloons, dancing, and games of tag with other local children. My wife and I visited Chatham a couple of years ago, and I absolutely LOVE this picture.

To the quote of the week. Stakeholders, regulators, noisy neighbors, weather, whatever can all cause distractions for yourself and the team. As a leader, your primary responsibility is to the team (even if there are others that will enjoy the result). This means that you need to focus on what the team is doing, not what the stakeholders are doing. The exception to this is if the stakeholders are detracting from your team, but the first indicators of that will come from your team! Avoid the distraction, and focus on the team to get the best results.

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