Are Your Projects Over Budget, Behind Schedule, and Coming Up Short On The Expected Results?

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You Need Motivational Speaker, Leadership and Project Management Expert, and Coach Matt Morey, the C4 Leader!

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Keynote Presentation Topics:

The C4 Leader: Demolishing the Barriers to Extraordinary Results
Designed for skilled professionals to become leaders with specific actionable steps calculated to help experienced and neophyte leaders alike. Don’t get caught up in the dogma, this is the baseline every leader should know in order to truly experience explosive results!

Morey’s Laws of Project Management 
Experience is what you need just before you get it, and Morey's Laws is about cutting the leadership learning curve by learning from other Project Managers experiences without the pain! This program provides real world examples to your project leaders, along with how to mitigate these common project incidents before they happen. Devised around lessons learned from real projects across multiple industries, Morey’s Laws discuss the items not covered in traditional training, but are encountered daily by Project Managers in nearly all projects, large or small.

Parachute Project Management: Jumping Into Fire and Controlling Chaos

And if you have projects out of control but cannot afford to fail, this program is where your team learns the immediate steps required to douse the flames of an engulfed projects, cut the fire breaks necessary to develop control, and rebuild the project for success.

Multitasking: A Path To True Career Development?
Explore the myth of multitasking and how your leaders can get work done and actually accomplish the best results possible. Learn the reasons that multitasking affects your daily abilities, as well as specific techniques to define what is the true priority during your day and achieve it.

Without Change Management, It All Comes Tumbling Down
Project teams receive the tools necessary to develop and utilize an effective Change Management Plan within the C4 Formula, as well as how to interact with users, customers and stakeholders to properly define requirements and manage expectations in order to ensure project success.

Workshop Presentation Topics:

The items listed as Keynotes can be adapted to workshops, or you can select from these additional programs:

Scope Creep: The Project Killer 
Delivers vivid examples and specific steps to prevent the most insidious project killer, Scope Creep. Your team will learn how to manage the creep and corral it so that it doesn’t take a bite out of your project.

Many people become Project Managers by accident. These people have the technical know-how for the jobs of the team; but for the first time, they need a completely new set of skills, both Hard and Soft. The Hard skills can be found in the PMBOK, through classes, or company training. For some reason the Soft Skills are harder to come by, as there typically isn’t a template or tool used as a shortcut. In fact, several studies in recent years have shown that the Soft Skills are the primary reasons for project failure. In this workshop we will work through different techniques, trainings, and even scenarios to improve the Soft Skills so desperately needed in Project Management today! 
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