Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wacky Wednesday - Lecture

You know... I think I would show up to this lecture...

From Engineering Memes

Sorry, but better late than never. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Leadership Problem

It's a cold night in November, outside of Bastrop Texas, and I find myself standing next to a campfire, leading a version of the "Boom-Chicka-Boom" song with a bunch of children younger than 12 and their parents. I realize I have a problem. I cannot stop myself. When I see a leadership void, I step in without thinking, and I fill the void. At least I can acknowledge I have a problem... does anyone have the number for Leaders Anonymous?

Let me explain. My oldest son just joined Cub Scouts, and this was the first Pack camping trip. Many of the families are camping for the first time, and everyone is having a good time, but there is a lack of organization. The sun has set, the campfire started, and the experienced pack leaders are back at the mess tent, cooking desserts in dutch ovens (usually, these go either ridiculously good, or ridiculously bad). This left almost 30 parents and kids sitting around a campfire, and the children are starting to get bored. The parents are talking amongst themselves and all I can see is trouble coming.