Thursday, September 10, 2015

Leadership Quote of the Week

As I continue to adapt and adjust my business, as we prepare for the reboot, I find myself drawn to this quote. So often we are unsure what lies beyond the horizon, so we are afraid of making the step. The truth is that each step educates us, however, meaning we can grow more and see more. Sometimes we just need to get to the success we can see, in order to see the success we deserve.


  1. This is really a good one we should develop our leadership attitude and behavior in order to get success in life and the most effective part is that we should develop our leadership attitude and adopt the never give up attitude. Therefore we need to go for several kinds of programs and popular quote.

  2. Thank you Alan! I share a quote of the day on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn every weekday, as well as do a Periscope to discuss. Find me @C4Leader