Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wacky Wednesday - Dear Algebra

Even if we can get them to stop asking for their "x", they still ask "y."

From That Blog is so Takei

Well, that explains a lot of my questions in Junior High...


  1. Dear Algebra,

    Since you really wanted to know where x is now we hired a detective and discovered the following facts:

    - She was living in Geometry and Trigonometry for a wile but could not get a good angle on things so she moved on.

    - She was finally found in Calculus living with some guy named d and another couple named dy. They were into some real weird cults called differential and integral. She has found her limit and is now approaching a quantum bliss.

    Sorry to give you the bad news.

    John Minkkinen
    NOV Senir Analyst

  2. John, that was great. Thanks for the laugh.