Friday, February 3, 2012

Colin Powell's Leadership Lessons - 18

Command is Lonely

 This almost feels like you are coming full circle. In the first of General Powell's lessons, he tells us "Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off (found here)." If you think about it, when you piss people off, you will be lonely. Even when you are not pissing people off, it is your decision, and your responsibility.  After all, your job is to make the tough decisions. too often people flinch from that responsibility; or take a wait and see approach, hoping the decision will be made for them.

if you want to be a true leader, then you need to make the choice. Remember, General Powell mentioned in an earlier lesson (15) to make a call when P=40 to 70%. Don't miss the opportunity, but also remember as a leader, you share the praise but absorb the blame. You stand alone. 

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