Monday, February 6, 2017

Leadership Quotes - Brian Tracy

With the Super Bowl yesterday, this one will be short. Brian Tracy is an icon in motivational speaking and self-help. It's a great quote because most leaders should strive for this as a goal. I hate to show favorites but look at Tom Brady last night. He is a leader the team followed voluntarily. The team was down by 25 points, what many thought was an insurmountable amount. Instead, the Patriots won the game, and most of the analysts say that it was Brady's leadership that did so. The Patriots players wanted to be on the Patriots because of Brady and Bellicheck. They find ways to win, and in many cases, players take pay cuts to play on that team. 

What are you doing to ensure that people follow you voluntarily? It can't always be about position or authority. Share some suggestions below, and perhaps we will discuss them in a coming blog post!

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