Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Leadership Quote - Abraham Lincoln

My apologies for the lateness. We had an ice storm over the weekend, and Internet was unavailable. 

This week's quote:

Preparedness could be the hallmark of leadership. Abraham Lincoln knew this, hence his quote

I Will Prepare and Some Day My Chance Will Come

Work to improve yourself, think through the "what ifs", and get ready for what life will bring you. That's why the military runs drills; paramedics / fire-fighters go through training, and leaders perform Risk Assessments. It's why planning is important. You need to prepare not just for when everything goes right, but for what can go wrong as well. One of the earliest lessons of leadership I received was from the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared. And I work with my children to help them prepare for their future. 

Now, from a leadership standpoint, is it just you that needs to be prepared? What are you doing to ensure that your team is prepared? Are you identifying problems, clearing obstacles, providing training / opportunities for growth? The end goal as a leader is to build the best team you can, with more leaders. When you do that, you are preparing them for what comes down the path; because you can either prepare and take action on life, or life will take action on you. 

On a personal note, this picture is from a Halloween several years ago when my oldest son wanted to dress like daddy in the "tank army" as he called it. He wanted to be like me, so he dressed in a "uniform" and went out trick or treating. Dad was right beside him in a pair of old Nomex Coveralls, combat boots, and beret; all rank / insignia removed but still very much looking the soldier. It was a fun Halloween. 

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