Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Texas (American) Hero - JJ Watt

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Hurricane Harvey has been a fairly constant posting topic for this blog the last couple of weeks. A while ago, for a Wacky Wednesday, I posted a link to JJ Watt's crowdfund to support victims of Hurricane Harvey.  As of the closing of the program more than $37 million has been raised! Not bad for something that started with a goal of $200k.

I am amazed by the outpouring but also amazed by the man JJ Watt. He didn't JUST create a YouCaring page and post some social media. He's an active participant in recovery actions. He's been onsite distributing relief packages with other members of the Houston Texans, filled a warehouse with supplies, and even coordinated trucks and rescue efforts from afar over the phone. The funny thing is that he isn't doing this for the publicity. He is genuinely a good guy and is a shining example of how our heroes should behave. An idolized sports figure who gives back to the community, rather than a player who gets arrested at clubs or beats women. What an ideal to live up to! I hope many more people follow his lead.

Now he didn't do this alone. Other people helped and donated, like:

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Ellen Degeneres:

Jimmy Fallon:

HEB CEO Charles Butt (represented by Scott McClelland):

and the list goes on. Here is the man himself talking about it:

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