Friday, May 17, 2013

Leadership is...

Digging through the archives again, I came across another old bookmark that I wanted to share:

Can you guess what that leadership quality is?


I find it hard to argue with this statement. An idea without pursuit isn't attained. Intelligence without a goal to pursue is merely smarts. If you do not Pursue, then you will not ATTAIN.

It is a critical quality. However, there is another that goes hand in hand with Pursuit:


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Without ENDURANCE, pursuit is short lived, and can leave a person short of the goal. You must ENDURE the good and the bad in order to ATTAIN.

A lot of things worth having take PURSUIT and ENDURANCE, nothing in life worth having is easy.

I have many examples in my life: Eagle Scout, Distinguished Toastmasters, even getting a bachelor's degree required Pursuit and Endurance. In fact every project I work on as the PM requires these two qualities.

So what are you working on that requires Pursuit and Endurance? What marathon are you running, and what is the expected reward? I would love to hear from you...

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