Friday, April 12, 2013

A Great Project Manager...

I save a lot of links on my computer, with the intent to share them on this blog. This one dates back a little while, but I thought I had to start somewhere:

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 While the writing is a little rough (i.e. "A Great Project Manager" at the beginning of each point) I do think that the points are valid. In addition, a Project Manager has to be a leader, there is no other way to perform the job.

I wish I could re-write this article, because the 10 things he lists are all too often missed by leaders, usually not all at once. However, as a person with Integrity (see item 3) I will let Chris have the credit. 

If I could add an 11th, it would be to effectively evaluate the situation and people. Now, you could argue that this goes into problem solving (true), however I find that this is often the least utilized "thing."

How often have you seen a leader focus on the symptom, or worse the blame, rather than on the root cause or a valid solution? Because the focus is in the wrong area, a  band aide is slapped on the problem, until the issue festers and appears again. Next week. I will share a moment I had where this actually happened, and how we worked to resolve it.

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