Monday, February 13, 2017

Leadership Quote - Jimmy Dean

Whether you are a leader or a team member, everyone will face challenges in life. We will face headwinds that will push against us and our desired direction. Sometimes it's a little breeze and sometimes it is a hurricane type storm. These events will happen to anyone who sails long enough. What will you do when you run into these winds? Will you let the winds push you off-course, or will you batten down the hatches, reef the sails, and continue on your course (I hope I used those sailing terms correctly; after all my brother was the one in the Navy!). 

To move beyond the nautical talk, you will face challenges in life, and your team will face adversity when moving toward the team's goal. Obstacles will be placed in your path, and your job as a leader will be to either remove the obstacle or find a way to get the team beyond / around the obstacle. 

Although the name Jimmy Dean is known for the sausage company today (which he founded), Jimmy was actually an American Singer, Actor, Television Host and businessman who lived from 1928 until 2010. 

I find this quote interesting because it plays on a theme. John Maxwell has a Law of Navigation within the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, which I briefly discussed back in 2012 (link here). As another example of the theme, a quote I shared here from Thomas Fuller. 

Where are you trying to guide your ship? How close to port are you? What wind are you facing now? Is it a breeze, a strong wind, or a huge storm? Share below and let us know. Perhaps we can find a way to help adjust the sails!

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