Monday, February 27, 2017

Leadership Quote - Edith Wharton

I love this quote, as it is the truth of leadership as well. I've shared it previously, but it should get its own image, don't you think? In a previous post I discussed The Quandary of Leadership, identifying that a leader has to be a realist and an optimist. This quote was shared in that post (as well as a Quote of the Day a while ago) and the use of a lighthouse is brilliant for the analogy. Think about it, a Leader should be the candle for his / her team, providing light in the form of vision and direction, as well as pointing out and increasing awareness of obstacles in the immediate area, just like a lighthouse. But a strong Leader will not only be a candle but the mirror to the team's light, helping them strengthen and direct their actions and activities (their light) in a focused direction which will do the most good.

So as a Leader, are you both the light and the mirror? Are you acting like a lighthouse for your team, providing focus and warning about hazards? It isn't always easy to reflect the light of others, especially if you are blinded by your own. This week, I challenge you to step outside your light and see what light you can direct and grow for others. You may be surprised by the result!

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