Houston Project Management Conference:
Parachute Project Management: 
Jumping Into Fire and Controlling Chaos
June 2016

Alamo PMI Chapter Presentation: 
Fix the Problem, Not the Blame and 4 more of Morey's Laws
May 2016


Austin PMI Chapter Presentation: 
Parachute Project Management: Jumping Into Fire and Controlling Chaos  
Oct 2015

Other Comments:

"Matt is one of those presenters who truly know how to reach the audience. He has a knack of sharing his project management experience and expertise in such a way that folks become engaged in his presentation. The interaction he has with his audience is dynamic and impactful. And the take-aways stay with you and become part of your own mantra"
Jane Bourcher, - Project Manager PMI Houston Chapter Conference and Expo, 2010 / 2011

"Matt is an dynamic presenter and a champion of clear communication. Never shy, Matt always brings his enthusiasm to excite an audience. He has an amazing quality to always be prepared, to step up to speaking challenge without prior notice. He clearly expresses how to create open lines of communication, to identify and effectively deal with critical issues and not be weighted down by constant daily challenges. As a dynamic and charismatic speaker, Matt easily identifies with the audience and quickly gets individuals energized. Matt is as much interested in the audience as the audience is in Matt's multi-tasking performance.

On top of being a great presenter, Matt takes the time to mentor and make friends with the individuals he coaches. As an active listener, Matt takes the time to provide undivided attention and really listen to questions, comments, concerns. This is well reflected in his much esteemed relations in Toastmasters and the Project Management Institute. Matt will give you the time and energy if you give the opportunity to reach your audience. I strongly encourage listening to Matt Morey's high energy and honest approach to addressing daily situations."
Briana Egan - Site Coordinator, PMI Houston Chapter (Sugarland Location)

"I recently attended Matt's presentation "Scope Creep The Project Killer" at the PMI Houston Chapter downtown meeting and found it to be very beneficial. Matt is a professional, energetic, and enthusiastic speaker and presenter that kept the audience engaged. His presentation on scope creep is a must see for all project managers. He covers the sources of scope creep and provides tactics to monitor and manage it. This presentation was very relevant to issues that are facing many projects and project managers. I was able to identify key takeaways from the presentation that I can immediately apply at work. I recommend Matt as a speaker to any group seeking Project Management and Leadership training and presentations."
Justin Coe, PMP - IT Project Manager
"Matt Morey is our ringer. He can talk about pretty much any topic to any audience, and he is a seasoned presenter at many PMI events and Toastmasters. He was also one of our highest rated speakers at last year’s conference."
Lauren Jinjina, - PMI Houston Summer Conference Speaker Coordinator, 2015


  1. Gregory Craig, MBA, PMPSeptember 29, 2016 at 6:39 AM

    Matt brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and practicality to any speaking engagement or endeavor he is a part of. Most recently, I had the pleasure of working with Matt through PMI Houston. This PMI chapter definitely hit the nail on the head when they brought him in. His candor and dynamics allow him to bond with even the toughest crowds. His lessons hold true value because they come from his own experiences. Ultimately, any organization looking for Project Management, Leadership or general coaching would benefit immensely from Matt's skillset.

    1. Thank you Greg! It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to hearing about your success in the future.