Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving (Belated)

As we got ready for a Holiday in the United States about Family, Friends, and giving thanks, I'd came across a thought from the Maxwell Daily Reader (by John Maxwell):

Write a Note of Encouragement to Someone Today. 

It is the lesson for November 22nd, but I would encourage (sorry, couldn't resist) you to write a note of "Thanks" to members of your team. Give them your gratitude for the work they do, and that you are happy they are on your team. You can still do it this week relating it to Thanksgiving, but you should probably do this consistently, as people love moral boosters that show their leaders care about them. 

Several years ago I got into the habit of writing "Thank you" cards for people I appreciated. What surprised me was how often those cards would sit openly on the desk of the recipient, and they would actually share them with other workers. It was a real morale booster, and helped go a long way in showing that their leader cared. 

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, give thanks to your team. It will be unexpected and very appreciated.

Join us later this week, when I correct an over site to Morey's Law #17: Professionals Are Predictable, But The World Is Full Of Amateurs.

Have a great week.

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