Monday, April 16, 2018

Leadership Quote - Unknown

Created by Erin Morey
Too often Leaders see their job as being the rescuer. In fact, I once had a co-worker tell me I needed to stop being the hero all the time. I rarely think of myself as the hero. More often I like to think of myself as a mentor. When I make decisions or try to smooth out roadblocks, if I can, I like to take time to educate my team on why certain decisions are made or even get them involved in the decisions. When I am able to do this, then this week's quote is true:

I am a lighthouse rather than a lifeboat. I do no rescue, but instead help others to find their own way to shore, guiding them by my example - Unknown

Most leadership experts would agree that we are at our most effective when we can provide for the growth of more leaders. Our first goal is typically to achieve a specific objective; however, one of our most important and often overlooked goals is to improve our teams and hopefully grow a few leaders along the way. In that case we should strive to be the lighthouse that provides a direction for our team's growth and guidance so that they can progress safely.

What are you doing to grow your team? Are you providing them with the opportunity for education? Are you taking the time to explain the decision you've made or why you chose the path you are heading down? This works to educate, but it also builds trust. What more could you be doing to provide the light to help them get to shore?

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