Monday, January 16, 2017

Leadership Quote of the Week - Thomas Edison

There is a fable that Thomas Edison was once interviewed by a reporter who asked how many times he failed before perfecting the light bulb. The response people know is:

I didn't fail. I just found 10,000 (number up for debate depending on source) ways that won't work.

Don't worry, that isn't the quote of the week. Here it is:

From the Smithsonian in Washington DC. By Erin Morey

What if Thomas had stopped at 9,999? Or for that matter, 10? Would we all still be using gas lights? Or would light bulbs look completely different from today? Would we even know who Thomas Edison was?

Persistence is the secret recipe for success, and the honest truth is that you only fail if you quit. With last week's post about NYRs, what are you working on? Have you figured out your Why? Do you have a Plan? Missing these things can easily lead quitting and failure. Until Wednesday, best of luck, and comment below to let us know what you are working on!


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