Thursday, April 7, 2016

Quote of the Week - Leave A Trail

Photo (from the deck of the USS Lexington) and meme by Erin Morey

For my first returning quote of the week, I'm picking Ralph Waldo Emerson. This particular quote is ringing true more and more as of late. I live in Houston, and with the oil prices dropping dramatically (and staying down), along with many contributing factors, a lot of people are out of work. Add to that the fact that work in general is moving more and more to a Business of One (check out, I've realized that not only shouldn't we blindly follow the path, but that the path may actually be a trap. You have to find your own way, because no one else will. If you can do that, then you leave a trail that others can chose to follow. 

In the coming weeks / months, I will work on cutting my own trail. Please let me know if this quote resonates with you, as I will continue to post a new one weekly. 

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