Monday, August 24, 2015

Cha Cha Cha Changes!

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step
- Laozi (More Commonly Called - Lao Tzu)

The last few weeks have been pretty quite for the site, but that's because we've been prepping a lot behind the scenes. There will be changes coming to the site, and to how I interact with people in the very near future.

A website reboot is coming. As with so many things, there have been delays and even a model rework that will revamp a lot of the pages (as well as adding several new pages to better distribute the information, names to be determined, but look forward to more announcements).

While we wait for the website reboot, my Presentation page has been updated to reflect my current suite of presentations and trainings, as well as to better reflect my speaker one-sheet. If you are interested in my topics, or booking me to speak at your event, please start with that page.

Social Media
YouTube: My Current Channel is C4ELT on YouTube. That channel name was confusing and the channel itself was not well updated. A new channel will be created soon, called C4Leader. I will be posting informational videos on leadership and project management there, as well as my Morey's Laws and other items. It should get entertaining!

Twitter: Again, my old twitter handle was C4ELT. I've created a new twitter handle (can you guess what it is?): C4Leader. I created it a couple of weeks ago, and there is some traffic, but look for it to ramp up in the coming days / weeks.

Periscope: This is a great new item, allowing video instantly from your cellphone, and instant interaction. It can be linked to a twitter account (C4Leader), so go to your stores and download the Periscope app and follow me, because I'm going to be on (almost) daily sharing quotes of the day and other thoughts. If you wanted to get in touch with me, this may be the easiest route with the quickest response!

More to come!

Publication Schedule:
In the past (when I was consistent) I posted on:
Monday - My Own Material
Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday, material I thought entertaining from around the net.
Friday (occasionally) - My thoughts on an article, blog post, whatever from a different site.

this will change (starting next week) to:
Tuesday - My material
Wednesday - The Wackiness Continues!
Thursday - Quote of the Week - A leadership quote with an image that's both memorable and sharable. 
Friday - My thoughts on popular media, articles and blog posts by others, or perhaps a book / movie review. 

I am freeing up Monday for a couple of video series that I am hoping will keep you entertained.

On the horizon:
Who Knows!?

 As you can see, I have a lot planned for the near future. I hope you find this interesting, and that you are willing to come along with me for the ride!

 If you have questions, please be sure to comment below, as I'd like to start working with you to solve your problems. I look forward to interacting with you, and can't wait to start this journey with you. 

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