Friday, February 21, 2014

In One Step: How to Ensure Leadership Development Works - Forbes Magazine

Jack Zenger is a contributing author to Forbes magazine. Back in October he wrote an article titled:

In the article, Jack explains that he experienced two groups of leaders who received the same training. One group increased their leadership 360 scores, the other decreased. Why? 

The difference is follow-up. On group received the training, received the 360 scores, and promptly went back to the same habits and work patterns that they used prior to the training. 

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The group with the improved scores followed-up with the training. They planned and implemented strategies to improve based on the training. The results provided focal points for coaching and additional training. The leaders couldn't go back, because they were constantly pushed forward. 

So, as leaders, I know I've talked about the responsibility of growing your team. When you schedule training, do you Conceive a follow-up strategy and follow through with the strategy? Or do you take the training as a day exercise, and forgotten the next? If you are paying for it, you better find a way to take advantage of it. Otherwise, why conduct the training in the first place?

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