Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wacky Wednesday - Meyers Briggs

Lately I've been reading a lot of articles about the Myers-Briggs Personality Profile test. Mostly the reports ask what the value of the test is, if not calling into question the validity of Myers-Briggs in the first place.

Now I agree that it is difficult to determine personality type through limited interaction, and with 4 sets of letter combinations to choose from, it can get complicated keeping everybody straight. Because of that I tend to lean more towards the four quadrant approach (Analytical, Amiable, Expressive, Driver), and there is a pretty good book out there about interacting with those people. I mentioned in a previous blog post.

But this is Wacky Wednesday. As such, here is the WACKY:
created by

If you don't know your type, there are a lot of online tests (one can be found here)

There are all kinds of charts for Myers-Briggs (Animal Kingdom, Harry Potter, and of course, Star Trek are just a few of my favorites)

I am an ENTJ, you can find my type above. Now, does anyone know where I can get some cinnamon roll stereo headsets?

A special thanks to Jenny at for putting this together. Very well done and looks great!

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