Monday, September 23, 2013


Thanks to my wife at Erin's Creative Energy

That's right folks. We've hit the 200 Mark! With the 200 Mark I would like to announce the creation of the C4 - Explosive Leadership Tactics Community Facebook Page! The intent of this page is to share not just my posts, but articles and other source material that I think would be helpful to you. I invite you to subscribe as new material will be posted on a regular basis.

In addition to the Facebook Page, I invite you to check out the C4ELT YouTube Channel. I will be uploading bits and pieces of my presentations, as well as full speeches. In the future, I may even start creating leadership lesson videos to share.

Overall, it is an exciting time at C4,  and I thought that this expansion would be a great way to celebrate 200 Posts. Thank you for joining me on this, and I hope you will join me for many more!