Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wacky Wednesday - Texting and Driving?

Last week I gave a presentation on Multitasking. During that presentation I shared some results from a test Car and Driver Magazine performed in 2009. The basics are that the magazine had its' editors run a course at 70 mph sober, drunk, while reading an email, and while trying to text. A passenger had control of a little light on top of the dashboard. When the light came on, the driver was supposed to stop. The sober result was used as the baseline. Do you want to see the results?

Drunk: + 4 Feet

While Reading an Email: + 36 feet

While Attempting to Text:

+ 72 Feet!!!!
Pictures are not from the Car and Driver Test...

If that's the case, wouldn't you be better off drunk in a meeting rather than "responding to emails?" 
Perhaps as leaders we should just put the phone away and pay attention?

(I am not saying people should drink and go to meetings! Or for that matter, drive. We all know that is NOT a good idea!) 
Photo credits: unknown.


  1. I think drinking and going to meetings sounds pretty good. ;) You've never done that?!? J/K. Wow - scary pictures. Definitely look at the road while driving, or in a meeting I suppose.

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