Monday, January 3, 2011

Traits of a Good Boss...

Last week I posted about 10 Things a Good Boss Does ( Well, I found another list. This time at The list is different, so I thought it should be posted.

I won't list the items this time, instead I will let you read it. However, I honestly think the first list is a little more insightful. This list talks about feedback twice, basically saying the same thing. It mentions spreading praise, but doesn't really talk about deflecting fire from above.

However, there are a couple of good things mentioned here. I agree that a leader shouldn't let his or her concerns about life, job, etc show to his staff. There was a line in Saving Private Ryan  where the Captain tells is men that gripes go up, not down. Captains don't gripe to Sergeants, Sergeants don't gripe to Corporals, and Corporals don't gripe to Privates. However, the chain can go up. If a Private has a problem, then he should let the Corporal know (provided it is a legitimate problem, I don't think the Corporal needs to know that the Private has Athletes Foot), and so on and so forth.

I also like the concept of asking your staff what they need to execute their job. After all, as a leader you need to support your people. If you don't know what they need, how can you support them?

So, what do you think? Is this list better, worst or the same as last weeks? Will it impact how you are a leader? How does your experiences relate? And again, what's missing?

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