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A Simple Thank You Card

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I travel for work, which really isn't a surprise since I am a Project Manager. I spend time where the project is being executed. In this case, I was in Morgan City, Louisiana; a thriving metropolis that is 45 minutes to the nearest movie theatre, mall, or chain restaurant that isn't fast food. Needless to say, there aren't a lot of options in town.

Except hotels. For some reason this place has a Holiday Inn (old school from the 80s), a Hampton, Inn, La Quinta, Comfort Inn, and I am sure at least 2 other chain hotels that I can't recall off the top of my head. The company I work for prefers the Holiday Inn. There is a special rate, free hot breakfast, a bar, and dining room.

The downside is that the rooms are old and dated, the Internet is wireless and barely works, and the amenities are about what you would expect for a college dorm. I decided to try somewhere new on my last trip: The Comfort Inn.

Cons: No bar/restaurant, and the hot breakfast is about what you get from every hotel offering a breakfast in the morning.

Pros: The rooms are newer, and the Internet is much more reliable.

One other pro. Upon my departure I received a request to fill out a survey about my stay. I stated the truth, that the rooms were nice, the Internet was great, and I commented on the breakfast (specifically, the high sodium content of the eggs). I then put the survey out of my mind.

About a week later, I sorted through my mail and found an envelope about the size of a card. Inside is a handwritten thank you card by the hotel manager, letting me that they appreciated my feedback, would address the eggs with the morning staff and looked forward to the next time I visited Morgan City. Now, boys and girls, THAT is the last C - COMPLETE.

This hotel manager actually read the survey, looked up my home address in her database and sent me a thank you for staying, as well as specifically mentioned the feedback I left. I've never had that experience before, and I am willing to be you haven't either. I was so amazed, that I had to dedicate an entire blog post to it. She went the extra mile, and deserves praise, and my return business.

What's the take-away? She went the extra mile for the customer, let them know she cared, and even "listened" to the improvements suggested by the customer. I ask you to think about that the next time you are interacting with your team and your customers. Have you gone that extra mile, or are you just going through the paces.

Thank you Comfort Inn Morgan City for this example. I really appreciate it.

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